New Name


John had been married to a woman when he was younger, and they divorced after 8 years of marriage.  He has been with his current partner for 20 years.  They married as soon as it was legally possible.  He has no children.

John's choice of where to live in Connecticut had to do with its proximity to Manhattan.  He said he could live anywhere.  The place matters very little, as long as it is within an hour of Manhattan.  He said when Covid-19 hit, he did not got to the city, and not for 18 months.  John loves the beach and will go frequently during the summer.  Other than the beach and proximity to Manhattan, he believes he could live anywhere.  I asked him if there is anything he does not like about the city and he replied the heat in the summertime.  The only way he can tolerate the heat is by going to the shore.

John was sitting in Verdi Square Park on a beautiful Autumn Day in New York City.  He was sitting at one end of the bench looking at his phone.  I sat down at the other end and said good morning.  He smiled and returned my greeting. I explained my blog to him and he was interested in talking with me.

John is 72 years old.  He was born in New York and grew up in the Bronx.  He had been a school teacher before he retired in 2015 having taught English from kindergarten to graduate school and everything in between, although he did not have a core curriculum when teaching kindergarten.  He loved teaching and misses it a great deal.

He considers himself a true New Yorker and loves Manhattan.  He currently lives in Westfield, Connecticut.  He had owned an apartment on the Upper West Side.  His mother had been living on the Upper East Side and he needed to be close by to take care of her.  When she passed away, he "regretfully" sold his apartment and moved to Connecticut with his husband in 2016.



John loves to travel.  Until Covid restricted their traveling, he and his husband traveled all over the world.  They have been to many countries in Europe, South America, and Asia, although he has no interest in seeing Japan.  I asked him why and he could not say.  Just, not interested.  He and his husband spent one year in Sweden when John was teaching Kindergarten there.  His favorite places are Greece and Morocco.  They have plans to visit both places again, perhaps next Spring or Summer, providing they could travel safely.

John is growing old and getting out, returning to the places and doing the things he loves to do in New York City.  Going to the theater, museums, and all things Lincoln Center.  The pandemic only delayed these pleasures, and John and his husband are planning to take full advantage of all that the city has to offer.