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This is Andreas

As I exited the subway at 96th Street and Broadway, I saw Andreas sitting between northbound and southbound traffic. He was eating lunch and I wasn't sure he would be willing to talk because he seemed to be enjoying it.  As I came closer, he looked up and I smiled.  In return, he told me that I looked like Indiana Jones because of my big floppy hat.  That was all I needed to sit down and introduce myself and explain my blog.  He was obliging and eager to speak with me.

Andreas is 70 years old and retired having worked in restaurant kitchens.  When I asked what he did, he said everything.  He is married and has no children.  He was born in Indonesia and emigrated to the United States in 1973.  He had read a lot about living here and it seemed really attractive to him.  When he first arrived with his wife, they were not sure that New York City was the best place to live.  So, they did a lot of exploring.  



Andreas and his wife lived in San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angles, and Florida.  Living in each place for a little more than a year, they finally settled on New York City  Why New York City?  "It is the best place in the world to live in.  There is so much to do, many different places to visit and food from all over the world."  

Andreas is a preacher as is his wife and they have an active congregation.  Not in a church-they preach outdoors on Central Park West.  He asked me my religion and his face lit up when I told him.  He then began to quote portions of the Bible.  He told me I need to read the bible every day and if I become a believer, I can live like a tree-forever. (I am not sure that trees live forever.)  He continued to quote the Bible and relate me to all the benefits of daily reading.  He continued on for at least another10 or 15 minutes.

I asked him if there was anything that he disliked about the city and he said no, there was nothing to dislike about the city. 

Andreas has found his calling in New York City. He enjoys getting out and to preach how to make the best of each and every day.

P.S. This interview was done before The Coronavirus-19 became publically known.

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