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This is Nicole

I stopped and told him he was walking north on Broadway between 75th and 76th street.  Of course, you know I was not going to let the conversation end there.  I asked him if he gets out often?  He said whenever he can, he enjoys the city, and taking a walk is one of his pleasures.

Didn't you record  "Walk Away Rene?" Tom picked up his cane and pretended it was a guitar and began to sing Walk Away Rene.  We both laughed.


Tom played bass for the group.  I was surprised to find out that he was only 69 years old, as he looked much older.  His face lit up when he realized that I knew his music.  However, after our brief conversation, he put his head down and continued to slowly shuffle away. Still, he gets out and enjoys the city as often as he can.  I was glad to see him smile.

As I was walking on Broadway with my camera, I saw a man walking in front of me, Tom.  He was bent over, using a cane, and looked very old.  As I came closer to him, he called out to no one special, "Can someone please tell me where I am?"

I asked him if he was married - a long time ago for a very short time.  He never had children and said that he has no family and very few friends.  He lives alone.  He commented that when the money left so did the woman.  Before retiring he was in a rock and roll band.  He said I might have heard of the band, it was called The Left Banke.

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