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This is Jack

This is my brother-in-law, Jack.  He is 74, born and raised in Cumberland Maryland.  Although Jack graduated from law school and passed the bar exam in California, he never practiced law.  He traveled extensively in Europe.  He purchased an MGB sports car convertible, drove all around Europe, had the car shipped to the U.S. and continued to sport around.

In 1972 Jack moved to New York City and met my sister while playing softball in Central Park on a Summer Sunday.  They lived their early life together in Manhattan on the Upper West side and loved being young New Yorkers.






Jack's physical difficulties began at age 26 when he had a stroke which left him with a significant limp on his dominant left side.  He also has a seizure disorder.  Yet, he has always managed to keep up with life.  However, as he aged, life became more difficult.  As you can see, ambulating became challenging.  He requires a brace to prevent his leg from buckling.  It is difficult to get shoes and socks on and dressing can be an ordeal each morning.  However, getting out is important and he continues to make sure he gets out to does his errands.


Then came parenthood and they decided to move to Queens, where raising their daughter was a little easier.  Jack worked as a drug counselor in the city and my sister was a New York City school teacher.


These photos were taken last summer.  Since that time, Jack's physical condition has deteriorated.  He has severe spinal stenosis and is no longer able to work on his own.  He now requires a wheelchair.  He and my sister have to move as there are steps to their current apartment.  Their daughter, son-in-law and three wonderful grandchildren live nearby.  We often hear stories of when three generations lived together.  Well, this is exactly what will be possible for Jack, my sister and their extended family.  They will all be moving into a new home on Long Island where three generations will live together and take care of each other.  Jack will be able to manage to get old and getting out.

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