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This is Marvin

Marvin was sitting on a bench by himself in Verdi Park on a hot 80-degree day in May.  He had taken out a pad and pen and started writing.  I sat down next to him and asked what he was writing.  He said that he is a writer and that he wrote a movie script.  He was now trying to create a promo to send to agencies that produce movies.  He wants to be able to sell the movie to a studio.

For most of his adult life, Marvin worked in advertising promoting people and products.  Part of this job was to jump-start people's careers by getting them on television talk shows such as Oprah Winfrey, Johnny Carson and the Merv Griffin shows.  If he could write material that promoted other people, why he can't do that for himself?  Now he wants to promote himself and his movie script.



Born and raised in Brooklyn, Marvin is 74 years old.  As a child, he was very much a loner.  His father owned a furniture store in Lower Manhattan and he spent much of his free time in the store with his father.  He married when he was in his early 20s but after a little over a year, he knew that he had to get out of the marriage.  He knew that it was not a good relationship even before he got married, but it was what he thought was expected of him - what people did then. He knew he could not spend the rest of his life in an unhappy relationship.  They did not have any children.

Marvin is not happy living in New York City.  It is too crowded and dirty.  He has few friends and does not socialize very much.  He did enjoy going to the movies and concerts.  He particularly likes jazz and frequented Jazz at Lincoln Center often.

When the pandemic hit, he stopped going out altogether.  He had a tough time for the first two years, but as some of the restrictions have lifted, he has returned to attending some concerts.  It is very expensive, and he is living on a limited income from Social Security and a small pension  so he isn't able to go often. 

 I asked Marvin what he liked about living in New York City.  He said he appreciates the ability to get to concerts and the shops and markets.  However, he would really like to live where there are open spaces, trees, grass, and quiet calm.  But until that move, he will settle for NYC. Even though he would like it to be different, Marvin still gets out every day the weather permits.

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