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This is Sally

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Sally is a professional writer.  Her work has focused on child development, family life, human relationships, health, and travel.  She is the author or co-author of eleven books and hundreds of articles in major publications.  

I met with Sally in her apartment.  It is beautifully decorated, warm and inviting.  The walls are filled with artwork by her brother and her daughter Dorri.  She loves living there and has no plans to ever move.

I asked Sally what she liked about living in New York City.  She said Manhattan is the perfect place to be older.  She no longer owns a car.  She feels safe walking home and taking public transportation any time of day or night.  Being so close to Lincoln Center, she loves being able to walk to the movies, theatre, and concerts.



I first saw Sally in the building in which I live.  At age 85,  Sally takes zumba and water aerobics at the gym in our building along with my wife.  Her distinctive look - red highlights in her hair the way the younger people have, but with enough of her gray to be proud of her age.  She agreed to be interviewed for my blog.

Sally had lived in Port Washington, Long Island with her husband, Mark, who was a station manager for the radio station WNEW NY  and then went on to become station manager for two other stations. They raised their three daughters there, and then after Mark died suddenly  after 54  years of their marriage, Sally moved to Manhattan. She has lived in her apartment for 8 years.”  When she first moved in, she had a beautiful view of the Hudson River, but with the development of three glass and steel high-rise buildings, that view is now gone.  We both agreed, unfortunately, that this is a typical New York City story.


I asked what she likes least about the city and she said the dog poop.  And the street in front of our building is in disrepair.  She has seen many changes since moving to the city.  She misses the small mom and pop stores that can no longer afford the rent.  She used to know the merchants and be greeted by name and a smile.  Now, it is banks and all night drug stores.  Although she appreciates the convenience of the nearby bank and the 24-hour drug store, she no longer is known by the clerks and almost never gets a smile. except in the small market Gracefully, where several clerks know her on a first-name basis.   She is in Western Beef supermarket at least two or three times a week, and not any clerk knows her.

Sally is a real doer and a goer.  She gets out every day.  She does not feel invisible on the streets of New York as young people frequently smile and acknowledge the streaks of red in her graying hair.  In addition to going to water aerobics and zumba several times a week, she has started an online social network group for women. Sally has a personal website that is very interesting

Sally is getting old and getting out in her beloved Manhattan.

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