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This is Bill

Bill said he misses having family and friends around and often feels lonely.  It is for that reason that he goes out every day despite his difficulty breathing.  He said living in New York City is very important.  Since it is so difficult for him to get around, it is important that he shop no more than four or five blocks from his home.  He said that he feels alive when he is walking the streets of New York, enjoying being among people.

As we parted Bill called out to me that he hopes we meet again.

I met Bill as he was resting against a metal gate on 72nd Street and Amsterdam Avenue.  He was clearly out of breath.  I stopped to chat.


Bill is 80 years old and lives by himself.  He has been widowed for ten years.  I asked about children and grandchildren.  He has two children, one lives in Virginia and the other in California.  When I asked how often he sees them, he became crestfallen and said: "let's not go there."

Bill, retired now for ten years, was a Social Worker in Queens and worked for Jewish Child Care Association.  I told him that I too am a Social Worker.  We traded stories.  He asked me about the kind of work I do and of course I shared some of my work histories with him.  He really misses working and would love to be able to work again.  He misses the interaction with co-workers and the feeling of being productive.


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